It’s funny how a single photo can itself seem so insignificant, but really mean so much if it just has a story. I was cleaning up my disaster room and putting socks away when these spotted my eye. Tucked back in the back of the drawer these caught my attention…the little symbol that I’ve grown to recognize so well. I got these as a little side gift when I bought my first pair of running shoes. Ahh the days of the half marathon…I remember them well. I was just starting to explore the world of fitness…just beginning to reach out into the dark to discover what there was.

I laughed at the thought of getting these socks. Ironman is for the the big wigs..who in their right mind would ever think of swimming 2.4 miles, let alone swimming at all. That crap is torture. Who would want to bike over 100 miles…and especially who would ever think to put a marathon at the end of all of that. I would never want to run a marathon. What a pain that would be. It seems impossible to carry my body that far. Those people are crazy. Those people are nuts. And so the socks that were too big were shoved to the back of the drawer.

I said I’d never run. Those people were crazy. Then I ran.

I said I’d never run too far. Those people are nuts. Then I ran a half marathon.

I said I’d stick to half’s. Those people are more sane….I couldn’t take the pain of a full. Then I ran a full marathon.

You get the trend here, right? Usually the things we swear we will never do, the things that terrify is the most…those are the things that we eventually end up slaughtering later in our lives. Life isn’t about being comfortable. It’s not about feeling content with doing the least amount of work you can. The human spirit is indomitable. You can do anything, and I can do anything.

So tonight as I was feeling a little lazy and unmotivated, I pulled the socks out of hibernation and remembered my first thoughts about them. I’ll never run a marathon. I’ll never swim. I’ll never ever do an ironman. Those are for crazy people. I said all those with absolute certainty, but I guess you can never be certain.

They are for crazy people…but I guess I’m one of them now. And it feels pretty good.

  1. ariavie said: That’s basically what I tell myself about running 100s. And now Hubby is thinking it might be fun.
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