Perhaps there is no better way to give yourself a dose of reality than to meander to the race site of the biggest race you’ve ever done. I have to start being a man about this…no more excuses. I’m too tired. I don’t have enough time. It’s late. It’s early. I’m sore. I don’t feel like it. The gym is far.


If ever there was a singular phrase that I needed to say to myself in nearly every situation where I don’t feel like doing something I need to do it’s WTFU.

My name is on the participant list, plain as day. My name is in the data base. I am signed up. I am participating. My name will be printed on the bib and I will recieve instructional emails. I can either do this the easy way or the hard way, the easy way being that I just suck it up and WTFU and get the training done, taking one training day, one session at a time, and building myself up so I can do this.

My name is in the data base. My name is on the list. My name is on the bib. My name WILL be on the results page. I will finish. I will conquer this.


  1. regainingmymoxy said: Yes you will. Put your underoos on and go kick some cardio ass.
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