Okay, can I just take a moment to be really excited… This struggle isn’t in vain. I feel like I look the same but have committed to a year of monthly pictures because the scale is a liar and I learn by seeing. I’m growing stronger everyday. I’m getting fitter everyday. My dreams, my desires, what makes me tick is all within reach, all within myself. I am definitely not stopping now. I think I actually turned a legitimate corner. We always say we are going to change, maybe stick with it for a few weeks or maybe even a month, but the attitude and lifestyle never got the adjustment they needed. I think it finally happened to me. I also think making the choice that I was unhappy and doing this for myself, no one else helper a great deal. For real. I am really happy and actually quite surprised by this, but here we go…July 22 to today, August 19.

Again I’ll say it.

I want to be a boss ass bitch. I want to be fit as hell. I want to be a rock star. I want to be buff as shit.

I am a work in progress. I am under construction. My body is my canvas, I am constantly being renovated. New and improved each day I make the decision to try. We all are. This is what it’s all about.

If your fire goes out, relight that shit. It has no use for you if its dim or out. Relight the fire, regain the flame.

Go and conquer. Be better. Do better. Do you.


You know how sometimes something that once came so easy feels so out of reach?
Running and I have a special relationship. I started one new years day when I was fifteen because I didn’t like how I looked or felt. Four 5k’s, a 10k, ten half marathon, a full marathon, six varied distance triathlons, and three epic relays, I’ve covered some miles and gained a huge love for running.

After starting nursing school this past year and gaining weight and busy laziness, me and running had a falling out. I can’t remember the last time I ran before the epic relay. It’s been a while to say the least!! But I decided that running and racing is something I really love and that I wanted to rekindle the fire!!

I am signed up for a 10k in October and one in November. This is the starting point and the kickoff for the next four years of my life. Tentatively, ideally, I have it in mind to tackle 140.6 in my 25th year. That is incentive. That is fire. There’s plenty of time, but that’s the goal at this moment.

Ironman Boulder 2018.



I fell off the wagon a bit this week in terms of my diet. Between getting back from camping, not really cooking for the week, and starting another job, I’ve been a little preoccupied but mostly severely underprepared and overindulgent.

I drank a little too much wine, skipped breakfast a few times, and ate meals I shouldn’t have. It happens, now moving on.

Setting the record straight, tomorrow is a new day which happens to also be Sunday, aka prep and cook day. I’m getting back on track.


Felt lame before. Said fine I’ll do it. Now I feel invincible. Halfway done.

Yes I’m one of those who snaps pictures between sets. Not sorry.
Photo Set

hahahahahhahahahahhahahaha why don’t I ever see stuff like this at the gym. lmao. That is so funny.

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Hey look!!!


Beat the hell out of my legs yesterday and they are repaying me with a dorky swagger walk, the inability to bend over, and the awkward toilet/chair plop accompanied by the stupid face and the grunt.

Thanks guys.


Watching Ironman Boulder livefeed and swooning over triathlon. My friend George just finished in 11:56, now waiting on his wifey to beast it across the finish.

Someday Mike Reilly will tell me that I am an Ironman.


I want to be a boss ass bitch. I want to be fit as hell. I want to be a rockstar. I want to be buff as shit. Is that so much to ask?

I am a work in progress. I am under construction. My body is my canvas, I am constantly being renovated. New and improved each day I make the decision to try. We all are. This is what it’s all about.

If your fire goes out, relight that shit. It has no use for you if it’s dim or out. Relight the fire, regain the flame.

Go and conquer. Be better. Do better. Do you.


My favorite thing ever today is seeing the little separations of my deltoids starting to pop out when it’s shoulder day.

Photo Set

I never reply to tags, but who doesn’t love a good selfie. efreitri made me ;) 1,) Tbt last summer when I made Runlong and Runwithrach do the incline with me when they visited Colorado!

2.) My happy place away from home. If I’m not in the mountains, I’ll take a beach anyday.

3.) Ultimate selfie whilst hiking pikes peak, our local 14’er here in Colorado Springs. 13.something miles up. No air. You can see for miles. Delerious. Windy. Cold. Perfect.

4.) love my little girl.

5.) One of my good friends and I thought it would be a good idea to ride our bikes to a Mexican restaurant for a Margarita and ended up riding back in the dark. Oops. It was fun, no regrets.

6.) My very first triathlon ever, a sprint. I was so nervous I could hardly keep my breakfast down. My stomach churned the whole morning. Standing on the beach in cold wet sand surrounded by fellow neoprene covered humans with colorful heads, listening to the National anthem before slowly shuffling into the frigid reservoir… Non comparable to anything. It’s a crazy feeling. It’s even better to cross the finish line. That is a genuine smile.

7.) The last tri I did, Boulder 70.3…i would like to think there are more triathlons in my future. I know there will be…


Week one finished, down 2.2lbs and more motivated then ever to continue on. It’s weird how you try and try and try over and over again to stick with something, to have motivation, to avoid tempting foods and then suddenly you just realize you have to buck up and something switches on in your brain to make it happen. I feel invincible. I feel ready. I can’t wait to get stronger, fitter, and lose weight. I just want to be buff…and I’m gonna make it happen.


Ps you know it’s serious when I’m eating egg whites and the worst thing I could ever put in my mouth is eggs. Each day I eat them I get more accustomed to the sulfary taste that I hate so much.


Three years ago I was a marathon runner graduating high school extremely fit and happy. Fast forward to now I am still very happy, just not very fit. I am a junior in nursing school and the busyness and tired laziness finally caught up to me. You can’t eat crap and not exercise without gaining weight, what!? Yeah… Figured that out. In this time frame I also turned 21 this year so suddenly I was drinking socially upwards of 4-6x per week. It was not ever massive quantities (only sometimes); however, it was obviously enough to help that scale keep creeping upwards and onwards.
Anyways, here we are. I’m not happy with my body and I am exhausted all the time. I’m not strong anymore. As the numbers on the scale kept rising I realized it was time for a serious lifestyle overhaul. I am totally cleaning up my diet, ditching the alcohol 4-5x/week, and getting to the gym on a regular basis. And let’s be honest, those starting photos are scary, but I am so excited for the progress I’ll see over the next coming months. It’s time for a serious change. It will be hard. It will hurt. There will be days where I’m tempted. Days where I fight hard with myself just to get to the gym, days where I feel that this fight is futile and endless.
But I also know this… Anything worth having, worth fighting for, is usually a little difficult.
I’m ready.
Are you?


I joined a women’s soccer team for fun. I also joined to try to get into better shape and run more. The halves are 45 minutes each. We had no subs today. It’s probably working.


If you ever have considered buying a wireless tracker like a fitbit or nike fuel band, definitely without a doubt go with the fitbit. (SAVE YOUR RECEIPT) I bought my wonderful little toy back in September, eager to see how much I really moved in a day. I kept the boxing and the shoved the receipt in the back of a drawer just in case.

The just in case happened 2 weeks ago where I look at my wrist and the familiar black band is no longer there! I contact fitbit customer service to see if there is any discount for lost bands…they work with me, always prompt with replies and tell me solutions to find it. When that didn’t work they asked me to send a copy of my receipt for warranty consideration.

Those people sent me a brand spanking new fitbit, no charge.

GET A FITBIT GUYS. THEY’RE THE BEST AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS REMARKABLE. I’m sold forever. : ) Happy to have my little tracker back where it should be, this time in slate!